interactive data exploration for plant breeding data

With NoMaze you can visualize and explore your genomic and phenotypic plant breeding data in an intuitive and interactive way. We have specialized pipelines for the most common use cases like yield maximization, comparing environments and filtering outliers (quality control).
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Plant breeding needs innovation

"Global demand for agricultural production will double until 2050. Production growth by land expansion just can't keep up with that.”
– Humboldt Forum for Food and Agriculture e.V. (HFFA)¹
"Yield lost to insects will increase by 10 to 25% per degree Celsius of warming, hitting hardest in the temperate zone.”
– Deutsch, Curtis A., et al. Science 361.6405 (2018)²

We address that problem by enabling plant breeders to be more efficient and take better decisions. Read more about how our software saves time and increases yields for plant breeders in Europe.

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Integrates with anything

No matter how your current workflow works, you can be sure there's an integration to use NoMaze with it!

  • Add your data source
    We support Excel sheets, SQL databases, S3 storage and many more.
  • Visualize your experiment results
    Interactive plots help you find anomalies and issues even before your experiment ends.
  • Backed up daily and safely
    We use state of the art encryption, so your data never gets lost or accessed by the wrong people.

Easy to use

NoMaze can be used by anyone. Finally you don't have to be an IT expert anymore to look at all the data or visualize last years' results!

  • NoMaze works on any device
    No installation required and no unsupported devices!
  • Easy access management
    Want to send a read-only report to your clients? No problem!
  • Always-available support
    If something seems odd you can always reach us to get help or request a feature.

24/7 Email Support

We are proud to offer the highest quality software for plant breeders. But no product is perfect, if you need help, want to report a bug or just want to say hi you can reach us anytime.

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Get the most out of your data and make better decisions.